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Raya Love

The Lotus Sex Toy Mount

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The Sex Pad That Will Revolutionize Your Sexual Experiences

You might have heard about sex toy mounts and dildo mounts before, but we’re here to tell you that The Lotus is something better. Whether you want to go fuck yourself or partner up to play together, The Lotus sex mount can supercharge your sex life, enhance intimacy, and make floor-based sexual activities more comfortable than ever before.

Intrigued? Find out how we’ve made all this possible when you explore The Lotus below.

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  • Elevate Your Pleasure

    Who wants to deal with slipping and sliding on the floor while fumbling with insertion? Not us! So, at Raya, we focused on ensuring comfort, versatility, and stability with a sex toy mount for suction-based accessories.

    With an 8mm plush TPE sex pad that can and a 5” wide acrylic panel that can accommodate even the largest suction cup toys on the market. The 19” long panel provides you with multiple riding positions. Use the Lotus suction cup dildo mount on any hard or soft floor for your sexual adventures. The acrylic base plate provides the perfect grip and seal for every suction cup, while the high resilience, anti-skid bottom makes sure you won’t be moving anywhere you don’t want to go — no matter how fast your rhythm.

    Dimensions & Details

    • Full Mat: 38” Long x 24” Wide
    • Acrylic Plate: 19” Long x 5” Wide
    • Compatibility: Hard to Soft Floors
    • Construction: 8mm Thick TPE
    • Color: Purple & Pink
    • Toy Is NOT Included
  • Sex Made Simple

    The Lotus sex pad isn’t just any mat: it’s your chance to explore your desires — all of them. Enhance your solo experiences or communicate more openly with your partner(s) to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Take control of your pleasure when you use this dildo holder to unlock the full potential of your suction cup-based toys.

    Join the pleasure revolution and make The Lotus sex toy mount a priority for your sex life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about the Lotus sex toy mount? We’re here with answers! Check out what our experts have to say about everyone’s favorite dildo mount here.

Can I use multiple toys on the Lotus sex pad at the same time?

You can attach your toys only to the acrylic plate of this sex mount. Since this plate measures 19” long x 5” wide, you’ll have to experiment with your various toys and positions to determine what’s most comfortable for you. While several toys will fit, using them simultaneously with a partner may be a little more complicated but extra enjoyable.

What’s the best place for using the Lotus sex mount?

You can use the Lotus on ANY flat surface. Whether your home has a rug, carpet, tile, or hardwood, our sex toy mount is compatible with all of them. The anti-skid bottom will keep the pad from sliding on hard surfaces, while the extra padding from soft surfaces perfectly complements the 8mm thick TPE mat.

What if I’m worried about knee pain when using the Lotus?

The Lotus sex mat has a very thick, plush surface for your knees to sink into when leaning down in this position, but you’re not limited to staying on your knees when using our mat. Consider sitting flat on your tush with your legs out in front of you or squatting down with your feet on either side of the mat.

Can you use the Lotus sex toy mount in a bed?

While the Lotus sex pad is flexible enough to adapt to nearly any surface, it can be a little awkward to work around sheets and pillows. However, your pleasure adventures are completely up to you, and we encourage you to explore anything and everything you can imagine to create your ideal experience.