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The Perfect Sex Mat for Hands-Free Pleasure

At Raya, our passion is to help you take control of yours.

Whether you’re exploring alone or with your partner, we provide the perfect addition to your personal time with a sex toy mount that helps ensure your comfort, control, and accessibility. Learn more about The Lotus to discover what makes this dildo mount different.

Dildo Sex Mat

The Lotus By Raya

We created The Lotus to allow you to mount any suction-cup adult toy for better grip and more stability on any hard or soft flooring surface. With a unique material for our center plate, this sex mat provides a solid connection for completely hands-free riding. And after you’re done with your dildo holder, the waterproof surface is easy to clean, roll up, and store.

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100% Hands-Free Pleasure

Easy Cleanup & Storage

Made for Everyone

Portable & Discreet

Non-Slip Stability

  • Discreet Rollup


    You can roll this dildo mount up like a yoga mat and take it anywhere, including on vacation.

  • Sex Mat


    The non-slip dildo mat allows you to lay it on any hard or soft floor surface for unmatched stability and incredible comfort.

  • Raya Love Mats


    The acrylic center provides the ideal position for any suction-based toy for the perfect seal.

Dildo Sex Mat

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Inclusive Accessories for All

The Lotus dildo mount was designed with one purpose in mind: comfortable, convenient, and hands-free pleasure for anyone who uses suction cup toys. With this suction cup dildo mount, anyone can set up and get off with ease — and cleanup is a breeze. 

The TPE foam is thick and comfortable for your hands and knees, while the 5” wide center plate can accommodate the largest suction cup toys on the market. The center panel is also 19” long so you can enjoy multiple riding positions. Mount just one piece, or use all your favorite toys at the same time! Once you’re done, wash this toy mount with room-temperature water and soap before wiping it down with a drying cloth. Roll it up and store it as easily as any yoga mat!

What’s the Word on The Lotus?

Reviewers are raving about the quality and versatility of The Lotus sex mat. With universal compatibility, you can use it with nearly any suction cup toy to achieve your bliss. Use it on any floor surface to make your intimacy more comfortable and pleasurable. Discover what others are saying about our dildo mat when you explore other user reviews.

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Love Your Lotus

Wondering how to get the most out of your Lotus dildo mount? We have answers to common questions, recommendations for use, and best practices for cleaning and storage right here! Check out the blog to learn more about sexual wellness and what you can do to explore your pleasure, increase intimacy, and define your sexual preferences with The Lotus!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Raya team is here to help with any questions you have about the Lotus. Check out these answers to the most common concerns.

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Can I use the Lotus sex mat with wall-mounted toys?

Yes! You can use any toy with a suction cup base on the Lotus mat. This toy mount is designed to make your sexual experiences easier and more comfortable by allowing you to attach your toys and then move them around with ease. The lightweight, cushioned dildo mat is easy to carry and comfortable to kneel or sit on.

Will every suction cup style work with the Lotus dildo mount?

We’ve made the Lotus mat as inclusive as possible. However, there are some toys that need a little extra consideration when using them with this accessory. First, make sure your suction cup base fits on the acrylic part of the mat, which measures 19” long x 5” wide. You also need to check if your suction cup is a dry attachment or whether it requires a little bit of moisture to adhere completely to the toy mount surface.

How do you clean your Lotus sex mat?

Once you finish using your Lotus, cleaning is pretty simple. All you need is some soap or yoga mat cleaner, water, and a microfiber cloth. Spray the mat with the diluted water and soap mixture and use your cloth to wipe it down. Let the mat dry completely before you roll it up and store it. You can find even more detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions here.

How do I remove a stuck toy from the dildo mat?

There may come a time when your suction cup doesn’t seem to want to come off the Lotus mat. Don’t panic! Instead of trying to pull on the toy to rip it off, simply slide a nail or credit card under the edge of the base. This will release the toy from the surface of the mat and allow you to remove it.

If you have any other questions about the Lotus dildo mount, our team is here to help. Reach out to us any time by email or through our online form.