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Self-Care Rituals for Partners

Couples Intimacy Activities

Many people think that self-care is something you have to do alone, but these rituals don’t always need to be a solo activity! You can practice self-care with a friend or significant other to enhance your bond and improve your relationship. When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s possible to significantly increase your intimacy and emotional connections.

If you want to take the next step with your partner, it’s time to plan some self-care rituals you can do together. Explore our blog for a couple of self-care ideas to develop a routine of couple’s intimacy activities today!

1. Meditating Together

Since meditation is an incredibly popular self-care ritual, you might already be doing this one alone. Now, it’s time to find balance and clear your mind with your partner as well. Whenever you choose to meditate, sit next to each other, synchronize your breathing, and meditate at the same time.

If you’ve never meditated with anybody else, you might find this couple’s self-care idea a little distracting at first, so you may want to give yourself something to focus on. Some guided meditation ideas that many couples explore include parenting, compassion, forgiveness, love, and patience. You might even consider a topic that’s more immediately relevant to your relationship to try and resolve concerns through meditation.

2. Talking About Emerging Desires

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Communication should be a regular part of your self-care ritual as a couple. If you create a safe space for self-expression, it’s much easier to explore emerging desires in the bedroom, talk through any confidence concerns, and share your most intimate thoughts. Whether you want to discuss adding toys and sex accessories to the bedroom or explore roleplay, create time and space for the discussion to occur.

3. Decluttering Your Space

Another one of our favorite couple’s intimacy activities is decluttering! Not everything intimate has to be about sex. Cleaning up your space can help you learn more about each other, breathe new life into old spaces, and ensure you design a space that feeds your passion for one another.

Cleaning and decluttering with a partner also turns a boring chore into a fun, playful activity that makes this self-care ritual easier. Whether you’re deciding where to store your Lotus mat or cleaning up the office, you have a ton of opportunities to delve into what you want out of your relationship.

4. Getting Back to Nature

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If you feel like too much of your life has revolved around big cities and urban settings, it might be time to refresh your mindset and reconnect with nature. Adding this into your self-care ritual ensures you deliberately make time for hikes, picnics, and stargazing — all of which can also be incredibly romantic date options.

5. Working Out Together

Getting in shape with your partner might end up being one of your favorite couple’s intimacy activities, as it has tons of mood-lifting benefits. Working out with a partner is even better because you have someone encouraging and supporting you on a journey toward better physical and mental health.

This self-care ritual can also improve your physical attraction to one another and help increase strength and stamina in the bedroom for even steamier sessions.

Prioritize Your Needs As A Couple

Practicing this type of self-care alone or with a partner can maximize your health and wellness. When working with your significant other, variating your self-care activities can keep things fresh and exciting, while also providing you plenty of opportunities to get to know each other more intimately.

Try at least one of these self-care exercises with your partner to see how self-care as a couple’s activity changes your experience.

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