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How a Hands-Free Sex Mat Can Change Your Love Life

How To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

You don’t always need to use your hands to achieve the pleasure of an orgasm. Hands-free sex toys and accessories can transform your entire experience — whether you’re alone or with a partner. If you’re just starting to explore how to have a hands-free orgasm or you’re looking for better ways to go hands-free, Raya has some advice for you.

Check out our overview of how to have a hands-free orgasm and how it can change your love life here!

Options for Hands-Free Orgasms

You might already have some ideas about how to have a hands-free orgasm, but there are a lot of options out there. Some of the most popular include:

  • Hands-free sex toys: These are toys like vibrators or cock rings that go directly on/in your person.
  • Sex mats: Use a sex mat, like The Lotus, to attach suction cup sex toys for easier use during intimate moments.
  • Water play: Spraying water directly on the clitoris with a removable showerhead can help you achieve orgasm.
  • Humping or grinding: Ideal for both men and women, friction is the key to helping you reach orgasm with this method.
  • Orgasmic breathing: Breathing in a specific way that helps you focus on the sensations of pleasure can result in an orgasm or help prolong one.

How To Get Started

Finding out what you like and dislike is an essential part of learning how to have a hands-free orgasm. Testing out each of the options in the above list will help you narrow down the best ways you can personally reach an orgasm. You can experiment on your own or with a partner to find out what works for you.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Create a safe and comfortable space before you begin
  • Get yourself aroused and make sure you’re in the mood
  • If you’re with a partner, talk about a general plan for your experience

Benefits of Hands-Free Orgasms

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There are many benefits to hands-free pleasure, especially when using hands-free sex toys or a sex mat. When you start experimenting, you might experience a few of the following:

1. Allows You To Explore Other Areas

When you don’t have to use your hands to achieve orgasm, you can touch other areas of your own body or a partner’s to enhance and build on the pleasure you’re already experiencing. Let your hands wander around the body and find ways to improve your orgasm.

2. Enhance Comfort & Ease

Using your hands to orgasm can sometimes prevent you from getting completely comfortable. With something like a sex mat to hold your toys in place, you also get a more comfortable surface on which to position yourself, minimizing strains, bruises, and scrapes.

3. Improve Your Solo Experiences

Pleasuring yourself alone means you have half as many hands as you would with a partner. But when you learn how to have hands-free orgasms, you don’t need any hands! You can now take full control of your own pleasure and delve into the deepest of your desires.

4. Unlock A Toy’s Full Potential

Some suction-based sex toys can be difficult to use because they require specific surfaces or positions, but with a sex mat to help you with your hands-free orgasms, you can unlock their full potential, move them more easily around your space, and enjoy reliable, comfortable padding for intimate activities.

Find Out For Yourself

With this information on how to have a hands-free orgasm, you have all the tools you need to explore for yourself. Find out which type of hands-free orgasm is best for your needs, as well as which toys or accessories can improve your experience.

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