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Raya Love

The Lotus by Raya

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A Revolutionary Dildo Holder

Are you ready to redefine your most intimate moments and fully immerse yourself in your desires? Discover the inclusive, comfortable solution for hands-free pleasure with the Lotus by Raya. This unique dildo holder delivers more stability and control for your sexual explorations in a simple, discreet, and easily storable design.

Made for solo pleasure, partnered experiences, and everything in between, the Lotus dildo platform is a new way to go fuck yourself! Learn more about what you can expect from this suction dildo mount when you check out the key features and specifications below.

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  • The Key Features

    We’re here with the ultimate pleasure upgrade — but how? These are the features that make The Lotus dildo holder a pleasure to use, easy to clean, and simple to store.

    • Plush & Comfortable: Thick TPE foam construction for supportive and pleasant kneeling.
    • Stable & Secure: Grip and traction on the underside give you a firm hold on any flat surface to support your pace and movement.
    • Universal Compatibility: Large center plate accommodates multiple suction cup toys, including the largest toys on the market.
    • Hands-Free Bliss: Focus on your satisfaction with a secure mount that stays in place and keeps up with your pace.
    • Discreet: When you roll this suction dildo mount up, it looks exactly like a yoga mat, so you can easily store it or travel tactfully.

    Imagine a sex toy mount that offers you more comfort and pleasure than ever before!

  • The Specs

    With these details, you can figure out how the Lotus dildo holder will fit your life:

    • Mat Dimensions: 38” L x 24” W
    • Central Plate Size: 19” L x 5” W
    • Colors: Blue/Teal or Purple/Pink

    You can use the Lotus dildo platform on several types of floor surfaces, including hard and medium materials.

    Please Note: Any toys shown in product images are for demonstration only. Toys are not included with the purchase of the Lotus mat.

    Whether you’re going at it alone or you want to enhance intimacy with your partner(s), the Lotus can provide you with a stable, comfortable addition to your sex life. The Lotus is your ideal companion that fosters a deeper connection through shared pleasure.

    Join the Revolution

    We believe finding your pleasure is a true act of self-empowerment. Join us in our mission to ignite a sexual revolution and open up the gate for everyone to experience pure pleasure. Choose the Lotus as your steadfast sexual companion and dildo holder. Shop the collection today to find your Lotus.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still looking for more information about this dildo holder, we’re here with all the answers. Check out the most common questions below.

Is the Lotus sex mount exclusively for dildos?

Absolutely not! You can use your suction cup dildo mount with any sex toy that features a suction cup. Whether you have a suction cup vibrator, plug, or other design, if it’s got a suction cup, it will attach to the acrylic pad on the Lotus sex mat.

What if my suction cup toy gets stuck on the dildo platform?

We all go a little too hard sometimes, but don’t worry! It’s easy to remove even the most stuck-on toys from our suction dildo mount. The key here is to break the seal on the suction cup, so all you need is a thin, hard piece of plastic — like a credit card — to slide between the suction cup and the acrylic pad.

Is the Lotus mat easy to clean?

Our dildo mat is one of the easiest solutions to keeping even your dirtiest adventures clean! Once you’re done using it, simply spray this dildo holder with a yoga mat cleaning solution mixed with water. Wipe it down with a soft cloth and let it fully dry before rolling it up for storage. Never roll and store a wet Lotus!

You can find more detailed cleaning instructions and alternatives here.

What’s the biggest suction cup the Lotus can accommodate?

The suction-compatible portion of our sex mat measures 19” x 5” and can accommodate even the largest suction cup toys - or multiples! You can attach two or more toys at the same time to transition seamlessly between options or use more than one simultaneously!