Collection: Suction Cup Dildo Mount

The Lotus Waterproof Sex Mat

Are you looking for a mind-blowing sexual experience? 

Want to enhance intimate moments for yourself or your partner? 

If your toys are giving you trouble due to slipping and sliding, The Lotus suction cup dildo mount is your solution. Compatible with any suction-based toy and usable on any hard or soft floor surface, The Lotus is here to provide hands-free bliss to all. Explore our collection now to discover how our waterproof sex mat can provide the ultimate upgrade to your suction cup toys today!

  • Key Features

    The Lotus suction cup dildo mount is such a revolutionary accessory because it provides comfort, stability, and universal compatibility. The 8mm thick TPE rubber foam creates a plush surface for hands and knees without sacrificing grip or traction to ensure a more secure foundation for all your pleasure adventures.

    We’ve also designed it with a center plate crafted from acrylic plastic for long-lasting durability and more control over your toys. This sex toy mount has a 5” by 19” acrylic panel that can accommodate even the largest toys. There’s plenty of space to indulge in multiple riding positions. You can also enjoy simple cleanup and storage that just requires a bit of soap and room-temperature water.

    Please note that this mat does not come with any toys.

  • Inclusive Style

    At Raya, we believe in pleasure for everyone, so we focused on creating a gender-neutral design that’s available in two colors for your convenience. The waterproof sex mat is suitable for all genders, as well as a range of solo or partnered sexual activities. We’re all about helping people reach their peak with more ease and comfort than ever before. Embrace your needs when you shop for a suction cup dildo mount that liberates you with hands-free functionality, unmatched stability, and luxurious comfort — all in one discreet container. Roll it up like a yoga mat and store it anywhere!

    Have questions? Explore our blog to learn more about how The Lotus sex mat can enhance your most intimate moments. Or, reach out to our Lotus expert for personalized guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to use our suction cup dildo mount is simple, but if you still have questions, we’re here with answers! Explore the most common ones below.

Why does my suction cup toy keep falling off?

If there is any residue between the suction cup and the acrylic surface of the Lotus dildo holder, it won’t stick properly. If you’re experiencing this issue, wipe the inside of the suction cup with clean water, rinse it, and dry it with a lint-free towel before using. You should also clean the Lotus mat before attaching your toy again.

Can suction cups weaken over time?

Unfortunately, every sex toy with a suction cup has an expiration date, as the suction cups will get weaker over time. When the plastic of the suction cup starts to flatten, it will create a weaker vacuum when attaching to a surface like our Lotus waterproof sex mat, eventually not sticking at all.

How can I improve the suction of my sex toys?

One trick that can enhance the suction cup attachment of your sex toy to a suction cup dildo mount is wetting the inner perimeter of the cup with some warm water. This can create a tighter seal that keeps the toy on tighter for longer.

What is the best position for riding a dildo with the Lotus?

The answer to this question comes down to preference. Some people are most comfortable on their knees, while others prefer to sit flat with their legs out in front of them. We recommend going hands-free by trying a squatting position with your feet on either side of the dildo mount.