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Sex Room Design Ideas - Creating a Sensual Sanctuary

Do you have an extra room around the house that you’ve been thinking about converting to a dedicated space for sexy adult fun? Are you wondering what you need to set it up?

This blog post discusses specialized rooms for adults seeking sensual privacy and pleasure. It includes details and ideas in case you are thinking of making one of these decadent adult playrooms for yourself.

And even if you don’t have a dedicated space, we have a brilliant idea that will transform any of your rooms into a pleasure space in an instant!

Modern Sex Room Designs

Your special room doesn’t have to rival Caligula’s orgy auditorium or Rasputin’s sex dungeon, and we have materials and technology today that Ben Franklin (yeah, him too) could only dream of. Let’s start with the basics.

First Off: Skip The Bed

When it comes to sex room design, leave the bed in your bedroom — your sex room isn’t for sleeping. When it’s time to play, you want to enter a room full of all the accessories and toys you need to get on with it and get off. You can sleep in your bed after.

Instead, fill your room with all your most arousing sex room ideas, setups, and sex toys. Without a bed crowding your space, you’re free to move around, get down, and use all your favorite toys. Our personal favorite for any intimate space is The Lotus.

Go Fuck Yourself With The Lotus

We mean this in the most endearing and satisfying way: Please, go fuck yourself.

No really, we insist!

The Lotus is a little in between a sex toy and furniture which makes it a perfect sex room design idea. It’s an affordable and revolutionary sex mat that’s helping people come better and come often. We know this will be your favorite tool in your sex room arsenal for a few reasons:

1. It’s Totally Hands-Free

It’s true! And it’s a game-changer! Here’s why:

Let’s say you want to want to enter your sex room and visit Fucktown by yourself. You get yourself prepped and fiddle your toys around - but that hand movement takes you out of the headspace you need to be in.

Whether your toy is strapped to a book or a pillow, you still need your hands to get the job done. You’re distracted and this can leave you feeling frustrated, or worse: it can leave you without the satisfaction of an orgasm.

The Lotus was specifically designed to give you a completely hands-free experience. 100% hands free! And using it is simple: Just roll it out onto the floor, stick any suction cup toy to the center panel, and fuck it!

2. It’s Super Comfortable & Easy to Clean/Store

The Lotus is made with super comfortable and thick materials. Trust us - your knees will thank you.

Lotus mats are quick to set up and take down, easy to clean, and easy to store. They provide a smooth surface that’s perfect for attaching multiple dildos and vibrators in just the right place. It may be the ultimate mount for your favorite suction cup toys.

Lotus waterproof sex mats help you create a safe and healthy zone for self-pleasure. They can help prevent bruising and feel soft under your knees and elbows. They’re also strong enough for your most vigorous activities. They fit almost any sex room design and can turn hard or carpeted floors into the perfect space for heavy humping.

Getting The Lotus is almost a cop-out when it comes to sex room ideas: The Lotus is all you need to transform any room in your home into a sex room. It’s easily the most effective and discreet tool in your sex room arsenal and it costs close to nothing compared to a huge sex room redesign.

Other Furniture & Accessory Ideas

The Lotus is a great starting point for any sex room, but we have some other ideas you may want to consider if you’re all on board with creating your sensual sanctuary.

Leather and vinyl upholstery are easy to clean, and make perfect options for sex room furniture. Different types of furniture include the following:

Tantric chairsTantric chairs have flowing curves that support a variety of positions. They have strong frames to eliminate the danger of breakage and provide maximum stability. They can be expensive, and depending on your sex room design, may be difficult to install.

Sex swingsSex swings are suspended from the ceiling or hang from a frame and are usually made of leather and metal, with strategic openings for various activities. But, they can be noisy when you use them, and they may take up a lot of space.

Toy Box It makes sense to store your sex toy collection in a box with a lock. Design ideas for sex room toy boxes include pirate chests, vintage trunks, sleek metal lockers, and more.

A vintage trunk makes a good adult toy box

Other Room Ideas to Consider

Your room needs to be big enough with ample free space so you can move comfortably, and get wild, without hitting your elbows, knees, or feet on something hard.

Walls Concrete and brick are easy to paint. Wooden paneling and covers can give your room a rustic look, but watch out for splinters. Hanging cloth and faux fur is a good design idea for a sex room, and can help muffle sound.

FlooringConcrete and tile are good for BDSM and wet fun, and you can use rugs and throw pillows for cushioning. Others prefer soft, thick carpets. Keep cleaning in mind when you make your selection.

Utilities & FixturesYou’ll need electricity for lights, entertainment centers, and for charging batteries. If you like to splash around, consider plumbing fixtures and a floor drain.

AccessAccess can be as discreet as you like, but you’ll probably want a secure door you can lock. Some people prefer to conceal the door behind a screen or a wall hanging. Others want a secret door built into their sex room design, but this idea may require hiring a contractor.

Woman peeking out of a door

It’s Your Room – Do What You Like

There are no set rules for designing a sex room, and almost any idea may work. The important thing is to have fun and stay safe, and the Lotus sex mat by Raya can help you do both. With the addition of your suction-cup-enabled toys, it can turn any room into a sex room!

Have a question about the Lotus waterproof sex mat? Contact us today, or check out our FAQ page now for more information.

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