Raya Lotus

Raya Lotus – Turn Your Suction Cup Adult Toy Into a Fuck Machine!

It’s simple! You’ve already got the rideable sex toys and now you just need to buy the ultimate adult toy mount! I know it’s hard to believe but you’ve been using your dildo all wrong! Stop cramming yourself into an awkward position between your tub and your sink just to get a mount!

Adult Toy Mount

Stop riding on hardwood floors and cold tile all over your house just to get off! And stop abusing your expensive laptops and your textbooks just to get a grip! You deserve better. You deserve the best Sex Machine on the market. The Lotus by Raya is going to give you the ultimate grip turning your suction cup based toy into a fucking machine. No more reaching back and holding on to your dildo while you try to ride your way to climax! Just fix your rideable sex toys onto the center plate for the perfect grip and ride away on a soft and comfortable surface cushioned to let you focus on getting off. We promise you will feel the difference on your first time on the Lotus Raya dildo mount.